Farah: In Search for Joy
Rami a.k.a. Jaromil

       The Farah project documents my three-week trip, in August, 2002, through the occupied territories of Palestine. During this time I crossed East Jerusalem, Gaza, Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah. This was while Bethlehem and Gaza were still under siege and Ramallah was experiencing another full-time curfew after the assassination of Ahmad Saadat. I set out for this trip independently, but, once in Palestine, I had the chance to collaborate with some valuable people of the Palestinian Progressive Youth Union, Tactical Media Crew, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, International Solidarity Movement and Indymedia Palestine. Farah is an effort to document the life and culture of the Palestinian population in zones of war, without actually mentioning the war itself. It is a net-art project in the way that it tries to use the net as a privileged medium to unveil a beauty usually made far by war. It is the content that counts in Farah, the medium only provides the necessary means for the message to be conveyed. The project is born from the need to discover and document that which remains untouched by war: everything in the tales of children and older folks that pervades in the identity of a people in spite of dispossession, humiliation and violence. Farah is a search for joy and for a resistance that organizes itself in thousands of forms in the imagination. It is to recognize the millenary Palestine in the untouchable dreams of its children. http://farah.dyne.org

       Rami a.k.a. Jaromil (http://korova.dyne.org) is a free software programmer and streaming media pioneer, media artist and activist, performer and emigrant. Wired to the matrix since 1991 (point of NeuromanteBBS on Cybernet 65:1500/3.13), Jaromil co-founded (1994) the non-profit organization Metro Olografix for the diffusion of information technology, and in 2000 founded the free software lab dyne.org; sub-root for the autistici.org / inventati.org community. Jaromil is active in the Italy Indymedia Collective, and is currently the software analyst and developer for PUBLIC VOICE Lab (Vienna). He recently co-curated I LOVE YOU , an exposition about software viruses at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt. His past collaborations include, among others: Giardini Pensili, digitalcraft.org, 01001.org, August Black, [epidemiC], Florian Cramer, 92v2.0, LOA hacklab, Lobo, Freaknet Medialab, CandidaTV, the Mitocondri, the HackMeeting community. Jaromil's most recent online piece is Farah: a documentation of his travel through the occupied territories of Palestine, in search for joy.